Your Music

Saffron wedding Mevagissey

What kind of music should we choose?

There is no right or wrong here. You might like a piece of classical music to walk down the aisle to, but equally it could be something right up to date.  Many people choose a mixture of pop and classical for the ceremony but it's entirely up to you!  

The only thing to remember is if you are having a civil ceremony, the music must not have any religious links.

Which pieces of music do I need to choose?

For the ceremony, you will need a piece of music for the Bride's entry, a couple of pieces for the register signing and then one more as you both leave.  This will be music that is special to you.  If it is a church wedding you will still need an organist for the hymns. 

We will also play for 30 minutes before the ceremony as guests take their seats.  You can put together a set list for this part or leave it up to us.

If you would like us for the drinks reception or main meal, we normally put a set list together ourselves with a mix of styles, but you are welcome to request pieces here as well.   

Music lists

We've put two lists together, one for classical music and one for popular.  Mix and match.  You don't need to decide which pieces you want straight away; we'll help you if you're not sure.  

Remember, if your favourite pieces aren't listed we can make our own arrangements!

How long do we play for?

For the ceremony, up to 30 minutes beforehand as guests are seated and then the wedding itself (entry, register signing and exit).  

We normally allow up to one and a half hours for a drinks reception.

For the main meal, we usually play up until the speeches, up to 2 hours. 

We understand that you may want to run your day differently and are happy to work to different timings (we would always agree this with you in advance).